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We provide customized solutions as every business is unique

We get to know you and your company, find out what challenges you are currently facing and analyze what you may face in the future. After a detailed analysis, we decide which we will provide services to our partners. And that’s how we manage not to charge you more than necessary and not to miss any crucial aspect of your business at the same time.

We just like to keep it flexible and reasonable, that’s it.


Your perfect website starts here

It is easy to get yourself a website or at least a landing page within several hours. Every second company has one. The trouble is to make it functional, efficient, competitive, and impressive. Your website is the new face of your company; your reputation depends on it.

At Ashlex, we engage many designers, IT staff, and marketing specialists in each website creation to take your business to a new level.

IT Support

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Regardless if you are implementing a helpdesk and mailbox, managing sales and subscriptions through your website, administrating a vast database, and providing any reports, we can help you. Sounds like valuable tools for your business to have, right? These are opportunities to grow, attract more clients, and make your business processes simpler.

You don’t have to manage all this yourself. Neither to employ a number or people and pay monthly to each of them. Our team will do this and more. Every day of every week, we open up entirely new ways for your business to advance.

Tech support

The latest technology is in your hands

Ashlex specialists work closely with your team to develop solutions that reflect your company's mission and goals. We can help you with tech advice, implement a phone system or the whole call center, maintain CCTV and do full-time technology consulting.

Whether it is to install, set up, support, or other tasks to be completed, we are always there to resolve tech problems quickly and accurately.

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