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Who We Are

It all started with one man in 2007

Our leader Michael Hall founded Ashlex to bring tech to the smaller businesses. At that time, technology was accessible only to big companies; he already knew that tech could become the key to any enterprise’s success.

Nowadays, Ashlex is a team of professionals specializing in IT, web design, marketing, management, and communications sharing the same values and ideas. We are constantly growing, attracting the best specialists to provide top-quality service.

15 Years of

Your business can be so much more

We strive to make technology an asset for your business, simple though effective. Our specialists bring things to order, innovate and modernize processes and provide customized solutions to achieve the most benefits for you.

We will work as a part of your team daily for months and years. It helps us ensure stable growth, keeping costs low and predictable. And indeed, to let our partners have the best tools available to them, we keep on top of the latest technology, no matter how fast it moves.

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